[Cthulhu] Los Angeles durant la prohibition

Les archives digitales de la Bibliothèque de UCLA (Université de Los Angeles) recèlent des trésors. Comme ces images ci-dessous en témoignent. Il s’agit de photos des années 20 et 30

Les archives digitales de la Bibliothèque de UCLA (Université de Los Angeles) recèlent des trésors. Comme ces images ci-dessous en témoignent. Il s’agit de photos des années 20 et 30, surtout des photos issues de la police de Los Angeles (LAPD), des reconstitutions pour des procès criminels, des enquêteurs au travail, tout cela se passait durant l’ère de la Prohibition.

Constable R. E. Foell and Chief of Police Eddie Wiggins examine robbery weapons, El Monte, 1936
Circa 1927: An unpublished photo of LAPD Det. Lt. Oscar Bayer posing while aiming Thompson submachine gun — without a magazine. PHOTOGRAPH BY: LOS ANGELES TIMES ARCHIVE/UCLA
Portrait of Max « Boo Boo » Hoff, circa 1930-1939
Alhambra Police Department pistol team, Alhambra, 1935
Axe used by Louis R. Payne in the murders of Carrie L. and Robert Payne, circa June 4, 1934
Bank of America branch after bank robbery, Los Angeles, 1932
Capt. J.H. Carter inspects a piano bench in the home of Paul A. Wright, where Wright fatally shot his wife and best friend, Glendale, November 10, 1937
Confessed child-murderer Albert Dyer posing as he has his fingerprints taken, Los Angeles, 1937
Former Marine Nelson D. Boyer showing police the place where he buried his wife’s body after murdering her, South Gate, October 26, 1937
Los Angeles police sergeant Howard L. Barlow with fingerprint evidence collected from home of kidnapping and murder suspect William Hickman, 1927

1931 – Bootlegger « Socks » McDonald in handcuffs at Los Angeles city jail
Harry Alpine, bootlegger and gambler sitting in chair in jail after being charged in shooting
Los Angeles prohibition enforcement officer George Contreras sitting at his desk, with two other unidentified men, circa 1920
Attempted bank robber Timothy P. Blevins being questioned by police detective in Los Angeles, Calif., 1932
Badge, Los Angeles Police Chief, 1926
Close up of old and new Los Angeles Police badges side by side, circa 1927
Copy of a photograph of James P. Watson being escorted by two sheriffs, Calif., 1920
Los Angeles motorcycle police standing at attention during inspection by Police Chief Heath, circa 1924
Los Angeles police detective E. Ray Cato and two other men posing with guns, circa 1925
Los Angeles police detective Edward « Eddie » P. Nolan sitting in chair, charged with murder, circa 1931
Los Angeles police examining the remains of murder victim Jacob C. Denton, circa 1920
Los Angeles Police officer R. F. McGarry standing with person in Black Legion hood and robes, circa 1936
Male prisoners posing for camera in dining area at Wilshire police station, Los Angeles, Calif., circa 1920
Police officer Thomas B. Washburn and two other officers, in suits with hats in hand during bribery trial in Los Angeles, Calif., 1929
Police officers and bank staff reenacting the August 21, 1923 robbery of Belvedere State Bank in Los Angeles, Calif., 1923
Three Los Angeles plain-clothed police men crouched behind car aiming their guns, circa 1925
Two Los Angeles policemen displaying the briefcase bomb Timothy P. Blevins used in 1932 attempted bank robbery (Black Owl affair)

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